About Us

In 1972, SkyNet Worldwide Express started its services in the United States. Because we were able to respond to the diverse needs of our customers and respond to market changes, we became the largest independent express network in the world, offering flexible and reliable door-to-door service. In August 2022 SkyNet Armenia opened its doors in Yerevan, Armenia aiming to bring to the existing market a wider range of services, mainly providing B2B and B2C clients with the opportunity to import and export from all over the globe. Thanks to its hubs in Europe, UAE, UK and its partners operating worldwide SkyNet Armenia offers faster deliveries and ensures door-to-door services from and to 60 countries. As a courier company, we believe that our business model gives us a competitive advantage, which is primarily based on our door-to-door service. Our trained teams are able to act flexibly and adapt to changing market requirements. In order to remain successful and expand in global markets, we use the latest technologies, which are the key components to ensure a highly qualified service.

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Our vision

All together we want to create the largest and most flexible express network operating worldwide. With the vision of continuing to generate growth for our company in the future, we are constantly striving to expand our services by using our extensive experience and all our strength to be able to better and better fulfill our relationships and also the world in which we are live to take responsibility.

Our mission

SkyNet Worldwide Express is an independent, privately held company. The basis of our business is the development of a range of services related to express, mail and freight shipments. We can handle both national and international transactions for our customers. SkyNet Worldwide Express always strives to provide high-quality services quickly, reliably, flexibly and flawlessly. Even when handling complicated orders, we always respond to the needs of our customers. Whenever there is a need for urgency, we rely on constant communication and feedback with our network partners, the customs authorities and their customers.